GOP Fall

Feel free to watch the first hotlinked videoclip and also the second hotlinked videoclip.

Both the big bear and the big cat is Barack Hussein Obama (you know: the one who wisely selected superior-gender albeit-old-man Joe Biden instead of pretty-and-smart inferior-gender Hillary Clinton to be his VP running mate in 2008....and won!) -- along with his rich-by-mega-advertising CNN and MSNBC news syndicate, plus labor unions of all types (with money involved!), nationwide Obamanite political-hack fanatics along with rabid so-called "progressive" vast-and-shrewd radio-outlet operatives across America, "not to mention" even pseudo-GOP turncoats interviewed and compromisingly-coddled by aforementioned talkshow hosts (including those on FOX!) on the left and on the right.

The little cat represents GOP-loyalist "conservative" TV and radio talkshow hosts, typically of Salem Communications, babbling hourly SRN pro-Obama/pro-demoncrat news blurbs in deviant consort with FOX-interviewed-and-anchoress mopheaded-talking-head twits funded and puffed by pseudo-religious feminist-sexist "evangelicals" who have insisted and continue to mindlessly insist on putting both Palin and Bachmann on the 2012-Presidential-Election pedestal to [supposedly] "get the ["battered"] women's vote" (like delightfully-savvy winner Barry Soetoro and his brilliant [yellow-shirted-in-the-video] campaign staff did by selecting old-fogey Biden in 2008 instead of cute Hillary...and thus scoring an phenomenal election victory).

Not content with that, the recent lineup of GOP Prez-candidate hopefuls compromisingly caved in by not withdrawing from the CNN-sponsored New-Hampshire Debate, which deceptive-serpent-like CNN hosted and slyly manipulated by including GOP-reputation-damaging, inferior-gender, feminist-jawflapper Michelle Bachmann in that fateful and crucial New Hampshire GOP presidential-candidate debate.

Despite his nominating and putting in two pro-abortion-choice feminist women on the High Court, despite the forcing of Pelosi's and Reid's mandatory Obamascare down everyone's throat, despite the Wall Street and banks and automakers stimulus giveaways which worsened the National Debt plus weakened the inflating and increasingly-worthless dollar, despite not reducing unemployment with pathetically-few new private-sector jobs, despite threatening to deprive Israel of settlements, despite murdering Osama bin Laden without due-process trial (if bin Laden actually was killed at all), and despite snubbing Netanyahu....feminist-sexist-accomodating GOP RINOs seriously have - this time - put BHO on equal poltical footing against RINOs concerning the upcoming 2012 Election.

The horrendous(?), substantially-non-admitted, but non-deniable effect was and is to cause voters across the land to quietly, subtly, but assuredly lose respect for all participating New-Hampshire-Debate GOP candidates by GOP-allowed, GOP-tolerated, and even GOP-incited inclusion of inferior-gender teabag-mouthy Michelle Bachmann in the recent debate....causing untold numbers of American voters to stumble and fall because of the diabolical and damnable feminist-sexist hangups and cravings of candidate-selecting demented who hallucinated that it was their God-given duty to promote and allow Michelle Bachmann to be included in the GOP Presidential-candidates lineup in the nationally-televised New Hampshire debate.

If, then since, those GOP candidates and staff figured they could ignore and disregard Scriptural commands (e.g. Ecclesiastes 7:26-27, Isaiah 3:12, Nahum 3:13, First Timothy 2:12-15) to not allow women (like Michelle) to so prominently become in charge over equally-and-more-capable-and-willing males....and instead compromise with the feminist-sexist CNN devil for sell-their-own-souls-to-Satan press exposure to air their sundry ideas on most every political issue (which was in fact 'much ado about nothing,' as W.C. Fields would put it), American voters at large rightly ascertain that each and every GOP candidate who participated in the recent debate cannot REALLY even be trusted to genuinely accomplish anything substantial against abortion-homicide, homosexual perversion, feminist-sexist chauvenism, evolution mythology, the betterment of the economy, and - and worst of all - quit mis-calling vital Social Security payment to should-be-honored senior citizens "welfare entitlement" so as to actually endanger continued protection and maintenance of Social Security checks for non-illegal-alien needy and impoverished....let alone bring down and keep down gas-pump prices (which Obama is being given credit for), besides actually help America change into dependence upon green energy and thus real jobs for enviro-activists and their more-moderate supporters.

Yours truly would never, of course, vote for Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama, who flagrantly lied and got his Justice Department and so on to also lie about him allegedly being born in Hawaii (when in fact there is now overwhelming proof that sneaky Obama was instead actually born in Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa Kenya - no thanks to his wayward wayfaring mother Ann Durham who snuck off to Mombasa to birth Barack before returning to Seattle 15 days later).

It is possible that the isolationist Constitution Party will again not be stupid as to run a woman-candidate for VP like McCain shockingly, insanely, and fatefully did in 2008 -- being that Constitutionalists name 'Jesus Christ' in the Preamble of their party's stated constitution. Howard Phillips (instead of the GOP's weak-on-the-abortion-issue Pat Robertson and Bob Dole) were good enough for my vote in the 90s, and the two Constitution Party males running as Prez and VP were good enough to get my vote in the 2008 Biden-vs-Palin Election.

IS dejavu coming soon? We'll see. If I must, I will vote for neither major-party candidates (thus remain neutral, with neither one getting my impartial vote).

Watch the first videoclip and the second one again. See the Palin-and-Bachmann-agitative little cat and presumptive woman (symbolic of certain ones previously mentioned) who dangerously and catastrophically tease the big Democrat-syndicate cat-and-bear voters at large. Then see which one pounces and floors the catastrophically embarrassing and humiliating defeat.