The Plight of Harassed Eugene Delgaudio

The following is an edited copy of a recent fundraising e-mail I received from Eugene Delgaudio

Dear Iconigon,

I've been putting off sending you this message for a while because I didn't want to worry you.

But late one night while sorting through pro-family petitions from supporters like you a thug crept in through a door, threw a blanket over my head and pummeled me with a rock.

Thankfully, one of my volunteers heard when I yelled for help. I thank God when he came running into the room, this goon was startled and ran off. I wasn't seriously hurt.

I've gotten death threats before -- nearly two dozen this year alone -- and I never take them lightly. But when they go beyond threatening and actually try to kill me, it's a whole different story.

There's more my friend...

They harass my family and neighbors trying to turn them against me.

Radical Homosexuals recently littered my entire neighborhood with hateful fliers filled with terrible false accusations I dare not repeat -- I was out until 4:30 AM going door to door gathering them all up so my children wouldn't see this trash.

They know their father is a good man, standing up for what is right, but when they have to defend against these vicious attacks in school, it really hurts them.

But that's not even the worst of it: strangers once followed my family around town...

Idling cars sat across the street at all hours of the night...

...the threatening phone calls and the outrageous lies... oh, it's endless... but thank the Lord for He truly blessed me with a family so strong, so brave... and yes, so supportive!

I've taken precautions to protect my family. Some things I've told you about, but some things I must keep confidential or they'd be in more peril.

Will you pray for my family and me? That the Lord would keep us safe? I need your prayers!

To top it all off... a throng of Homosexual Offenders and Evildoers now demand I turn over ALL my private records and correspondence.

They know with Barack Obama controlling the U.S. Justice Department, I'll get no help -- and they'll have their guys on the inside.

I know you don't want the Homosexual Lobby to know our plans and budget to stop them...

If I were to comply, they'd know everything. They even demand I turn over confidential lists of supporters like you.

And after what we saw in California when pro-family Americans fought to defend marriage from homosexual distortion and perversion, we all know why they want access to Public Advocate's confidential information...

Private residences targeted for vandalism, individual supporters targeted for harassment, even violence by virulent homosexual activists...

I can't... I won't. I will fight them every inch on this. I will burn the records and shred every document before I'll turn anything over to the Homosexual Lobby. You can count on me to protect your privacy, Iconigon, but I need you by my side in this...

All of this, at times, just seems too much for me. Then I pray and turn to the Lord. My wife Sheila comforts me as well.

The Homosexual Lobby wants to shut us down or bleed us dry, whichever comes first... Either way, these radical deviants want your Public Advocate closed for good.

They want me silenced... and you, to be shut up and out of commission.

With you and me out of the way -- and Barack Obama in the White House -- they know they can't lose. I won't let that happen!

"Homosexual rights" sympathizers and their government allies are trying to force me to jump through one bureaucratic hoop after another.

The state of Minnesota demanded as much as $100,000 and a completely new audit that costs us $1000's... and time away from our fight for morality.

And states like Pennsylvania, Oregon, Tennessee and elsewhere are telling me what I can and can't say to you and other Public Advocate supporters.

They demand I pay thousands of dollars or they threaten to have the State Attorney General come after your Public Advocate. They call their demand for money fines, I call it extortion.

Filing charge after frivolous charge, until you and I either conform to their new standards -- which is just another form of thought control -- or shut us down permanently.

The paperwork to comply with all their demands piles up.

But the Homosexual Lobby knows I can't fight to oppose the Gay Bill of Special Rights, defeat the Homosexual Classrooms Act or defend marriage if I'm bogged down in reams of bureaucratic filings.

The demands stack up. The costs are staggering. It nearly broke my heart to contact my attorney to tell him the latest news.
He's already overworked with other court actions and concerned we won't have the funds to fight current battles.

Then I had to tell my lovely wife Sheila the bad news.

She has been through so much these last few years, and the thought of telling her about the latest attempt on my life was almost too much for me to bear.

And while we're still dealing with the legal and financial turmoil stirred up by the enemies of the family?

Of course, the radical Homosexual Lobby rakes in buckets of cash a year -- a huge chunk of it from your tax dollars -- they never have financial troubles.

It's nothing for them to dump a million or so bucks to keep me buried in attorney fees and court costs and away from the Halls of Congress where I do the most good.

And what good Christian man would harass them the way they do me?

I don't want to shut my doors but the thought of tens of thousands of dollars more in attorney and court costs is overwhelming. I just don't have it in the budget.

Can I count on you for an emergency contribution to help?

My friend, I must also be able to fight the Homosexual Lobby in Congress... I'm asking you to generously give $1,000, $500, $250 or $100 right now. It would really make a huge difference. Even $75 or $50 would be a special surprise and such a boost to me.

And a gift of $25 or any other amount you can generously afford would be a blessing to me as well.

So whatever you can afford, please send it in immediately -- I know what a sacrifice this is, and believe me, if I could pay for this on my own I would.

I must have enough money to cover what could be a mountain of legal fees and at the same time prepare for an all-out Homosexual Onslaught.

How can this happen in America?

I've never let the radical homosexuals intimidate me.

And I never will.

My wife Sheila and I are still agreed on this: Our work is too important to be scared off.

But to fight effectively, I need you to stand with me.

My friend, your contribution -- and maybe even a note of encouragement right now -- would be such a blessing to me.

The Homosexual Lobby has been waiting for a moment of weakness to strike. Now with their Democrat allies controlling the White House and Senate they feel victory is at hand -- if only they shut down the pro-family voice in Washington, your Public Advocate.

You and I are the only reason they have failed to pass the Gay Bill of Special Rights and the Homosexual Classrooms Act through Congress so far.

Last year by God's Grace and with your help, Public Advocate exposed the Homosexual Lobby's subversive plan to indoctrinate our nation's youth into accepting homosexuality as a "lifestyle choice" to be "experimented" with.

They call it the "Student Non-Discrimination Act", a relatively nice sounding bill name that would have disastrous consequences for our school children.

Had we failed, the Homosexual Lobby would have everything they want.

Schools, from high school down to kindergarten -- yes, our 5, 6, and 7 year olds -- would be taught a pro-homosexual curriculum.

The Federal Government would rewrite our nation's long history of moral strength and values into a "class struggle" against Christian "oppression" and "bigotry."

Your children and grandchildren will be taught that the values you hold dear, the traditional morals that made this country great, are evil -- they will be turned against you and against God.

You and I can't let them succeed!

Though we have staved off the Homosexual Classrooms Act, we are already on the defense this year. The Homosexual Lobby won't give up. They never rest in their schemes to pervert our nation.

Adult homosexual lobbyists walk up to me in the Halls of Congress and ask about my male son by name. I've heard that these veiled threats are common; other families are also in danger. What kind of a person does this sort of thing?

It reminds me of the homosexuals who clamored for the Angels at Lot's door before God's justice destroyed Sodom.

These homosexual lobbyists have corrupted other Washington area children.

I've seen the men with cameras outside my home...

One time a car drove by with a video camera as my family was outside after dinner taking a walk together.

And there's the time when a man appeared to be going through our garbage.

And the letters, emails and crank phone calls...

One wrote to me saying, "You are a pox on this county, this nation, and this species, Mr. Delgaudio -- a virulent disease."
And this was mild compared to others...

But you stand with me. Don't you, Iconigon?

If you will continue to stand with me, I know we can beat them again.

Members of the establishment news media constantly attack me in the most underhanded manner. Their smear tactics are easily refuted, but their power to reach broad audiences just can't be matched.

But it's your support I care about and desperately need....

...And I need your prayers.

The mocking by the Homosexual Lobby is like a constant noise now.

The laughter of the powerbrokers, the rich lobbyists and some elected officials is derisive and hurtful. They play to the Homosexual Lobby and they know they have power.

I would not be human if I didn't tell you that sometimes I cry from the pain.

But the support you have given me keeps me in this fight... a fight that does make a difference for the family and our values.

And there are workers and fine patriots who join me and give me encouragement.

I hope and pray that I do not demand too much.

I pray constantly. Hoping that I have told you everything about what we are up against and what is needed to stop this evil.

And Public Advocate keeps on bringing petitions, visiting Capitol Hill, the White House and the courts and federal agencies.

I am not stopping my daily and nightly efforts to speak out.

One pro-family radio network compared your Public Advocate to the early Minutemen -- it's good to be appreciated and recognized by members of the conservative talk show network as I have been.

But the other side is pouring on the lies and attempting to destroy me and everything we have worked for.

I remember the first attempt on my life...

A van came bearing down the sidewalk straight towards me -- suddenly with nowhere for me to turn two men, David Shepard and David Henderson, miraculously pulled me out of the path of the attempt to kill me. I thank them every chance I get.

And I remember the first massive effort to silence me back in 1992, with flyers posted in gay bars with my personal phone number.

That's why it's so important you send me the most generous contribution you can afford.

This fight is bigger than any one man.

You and I are fighting for our nation's soul.

Don't get me wrong.

I am willing to take reasonable risks for the cause you and I champion, but that doesn't mean I'm eager to do so... or that I am reckless.

I've had to toughen up security at the office.

And I'm never alone anymore.

Even working late at the office, I have volunteers who've committed to stay with me in case the radical homosexuals try again.

Some of my most trusted allies and friends have even suggested I hire a professional bodyguard, though I hesitate to go that far.

You see, every penny I spend on security is a penny I can't spend fighting the radical Homosexual Agenda in Congress.

That's why I need your help right away.

If the radical homosexuals launch the battle over the Gay Bill of Special Rights or the Homosexual Classrooms Act tomorrow, I won't have the money to fight back.

Your most generous contribution will go a long way toward preparing for that.

I know I'm asking for a lot, but I have no choice.

Without your support, you and I might not win this next battle.

As it stands today, I don't even have enough money to fight the new wish list that the radical Homosexual Lobby is planning to force through Congress. Bills like legalizing Homosexual Adoption, giving special loans and other benefits to practicing homosexuals, the list goes on...

And I estimate that I need $153,000 in the next few weeks if I'm to be prepared for all of that.

The radical homosexuals have their liberal friends, Hollywood stars and your tax dollars to bankroll their agenda.

But remember, we do have weapons at our disposal. We even beat the Homosexual Classrooms Act together.

I have the truth... and I have you and your support.

Even when they threatened my family with physical violence and forced me to place my children into hiding, burned my private property and hurled their threats and insults at us, you and I did not back down.

Even now, there is hope if we stand together again.

I know I ask a lot of you. But if you and I stick together, we can beat the radical Homosexuals and their friends in Washington again this year.

I simply must have your help.

Please, my friend, prayerfully consider a contribution of $1,000, $500, $250 or $100.

Or if $75, $50 or $25 is the most sacrificial gift you can make, please send that right away. Whatever you can best afford, please act today.

Please, I'm counting on you.


Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. In the past, militant homosexuals have attempted to kill me, threatened and stalked my family, and smeared my good name across the media. But all that did was make me more determined than ever to fight back.

Any day now, I may have to fight the Gay Bill of Special Rights or the Homosexual Classrooms Act in Congress and I must have your help.

The Homosexual Lobby is a powerful enemy -- so I'm asking you to generously give $1,000, $500, $250 or $100 right now. It would make a huge difference.

My friend, even $75 or $50 would be a special surprise and such a boost to me. Even $25 or $15 would help.

So whatever you can afford, please send it in immediately. Don't give up hope. Don't give up the fight!

Because Public Advocate of the U.S. is a nonprofit, charitable organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.

This email was not produced or e-mailed at taxpayer expense.

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